Group Coaching

Group Coaching

Iron Sharpens Coaching offers a group coaching program that fosters a collaborative and supportive environment where members can learn from each other and deepen their understanding of integrating faith with entrepreneurship. Iron Sharpens Coaching isn’t your typical coaching experience; we’ve created an environment where faith meets entrepreneurship, underpinned by the shared principles and values of Christian living.

Group Coaching with Iron Sharpens Includes:

$5075/6 Months (15% off)

  • 2-3 calls per month
  • Access to our public community group
  • Access to our private Facebook group only for members
  • Gain a deep understanding of scalable solutions for your business.
  • Two monthly 60-minute group coaching calls (One topical call and one coaching/Q&A)
  • Quarterly bonus goal-setting and planning calls.
  • Access to the private community.
  • Connection with other Christian entrepreneurs dedicated to serving God and others.
  • Access to all previously recorded coaching calls.
Whether you opt for our group coaching or 1:1 coaching, you gain an all-access pass to an array of benefits. We equip you with general business knowledge and the tools necessary to build strong hearts, bodies, and minds. Here are some of the benefits you’ll experience when you join one of our coaching programs:
  1. Accountability to and from other group members
  2. A confidential arena where you can share your life without fear of judgment
  3. Ability to share prayer requests with me and with group members.
  4. Shared learning and insight
  5. Diverse perspectives from people from all walks of life and experience
  6. Heightened self-awareness through the experiences of others
  7. A place to foster relationships with like-minded people and network with them
  8. An opportunity to contribute to the lives of other group members

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some of the topics of the calls?
  • Living a life of selfless service
  • How do handle difficult people
  • Gratitude
  • Money
  • Stewardship
  • Following Jesus in a counter-culture
  • The real meaning of faith, etc.
What do you expect members to get out of either coaching program?
  • Business growth
  • Stronger faith
  • Stronger resolve
  • Stronger relationship with God
  • Building relationships with similar people
  • General business knowledge
  • The tools to build strong hearts, bodies, and minds
What makes you different than all the other coaching groups out there?
Distinct from other coaching services, Iron Sharpens Coaching places Christianity at the heart of all we do. We pledge to provide our members with unwavering support and the utmost attention necessary to shatter their goals and deepen their bond with Jesus Christ. We are a dynamic, assertive organization, characterized by our fearless approach and an unyielding spirit. At Iron Sharpens Coaching, we’re transformative and audacious in our mission to foster spiritual and business growth.
Who does Iron Sharpens Coaching best serve?

We are committed to empowering individuals, men and women, aged between 25 and 55, who are high-achievers, entrepreneurs (in some cases but not all), and committed to enhancing all aspects of their lives and businesses, whilst nurturing an ever-deepening faith in God.