Our Mission

At Iron Sharpens Coaching, we exist to serve Christian entrepreneurs, empowering them to achieve their highest potential in business and in service to God.

About Iron Sharpens Coaching

We guide our members in navigating life’s challenges with grace, fostering gratitude, understanding the divine purpose of money and stewardship, and living counter-culturally in alignment with the teachings of Jesus Christ. Our difference is our devotion: a steadfast commitment to a Christ-centered approach, providing our members with unwavering support and the audacity to tackle their goals


Always Lead With The Love Of God And Others


Service Before Self


Do The Hard Things No Matter The Odds


Be Humble, Yet Dangerous


Seek Wise Counsel


Never Quit, Be Strong And Courageous

Our Core Values

About the Founder

From an early age, I found myself drawn to carpentry and construction, learning the ropes from my grandfather during our summers together. After serving my country in the military, I used these skills to pursue my goal of helping others, starting my own contracting business with just $500 and a borrowed air compressor in 2015. Today, I am proud to say that my entrepreneurial spirit and relentless dedication have grown that small business into a multi-million dollar remodeling firm.

Beyond my love for construction, I’ve always felt a deep calling to serve others through my faith. This led me to become a deacon in 2019, and later, an ordained minister in 2022. As Rev. Anthony Abbott, I not only have the honor of preaching the gospel but also educating adults about the teachings of the Bible, a responsibility I have held since 2018.

Supporting my family and helping people every day fuels my drive and ambition. There’s nothing quite as rewarding as witnessing my clients’ worries dissolve into happiness and satisfaction as they see their goals come to life. I am a firm believer that my work is more than just business—it’s a means to demonstrate my commitment to service, whether it’s manifested through a renovated home, the success of a clients’ business, or a reinvigorated faith.